The History of  
Hinchingbrooke House    

the Hart of Hinchingbrooke



oliver cromwell

edward montagu


fourth earl

5th-7th earls

Eighth Earl

ninth earl





Hinchingbrooke House has a recorded history of eight centuries. It is a time capsule where we can read about the changes in English life. On these pages you can find out about some of the people who owned, lived or worked at Hinchingbrooke from the sixth to the twenty-first century. The people who lived here tell their story...

Hinchingbrooke House is open to visitors for guided tours 
on Sundays 2pm-5pm from June to late August

Adults £6, children £5, including tea and cakes.

In 2015 Hinchingbrooke School was 450 years old! 
There were a number of events to mark the occasion including a new and fully illustrated edition of the history of the school. It is on sale for £10 at Hinchingbrooke and at the Cromwell Museum in Huntingdon.  Contact Hinchingbrooke School or phone 01480 375700 for more details.

 Hyncel, 6th century

Alice Wylton 1535

The Cromwells
Edward Montagu 1625-1672

Samuel Pepys
1633 -1703

John Montagu
4th Earl 1718-1797


George Montagu
9th Earl

GREY, D S., 2000-2016. The History of Hinchingbrooke House [online]. Cambridge, UK.
Available from: [Accessed day, month, 2016]

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