The English Civil War

at Hinchingbrooke

the Hart of Hinchingbrooke

oliver cromwell

edward montagu






Charles I (1600-1649)

Charles I slept at Hinchingbrooke in 1647 as a prisoner on his way from Holmby House to Newmarket. He was the prisoner of the radical Parliamentarian Cornet Joyce while Edward's Montagu's wife Jemima entertained the king "magnificently and dutifully".

Charles I was born in 1600, the second son of James I and Anne of Denmark.

Charles married the 15 year-old Catholic daughter of France's King Henry IV, Henrietta Maria and they had four sons and five daughters. The eldest surviving son, Charles, was to become Charles II.

Charles came to the throne in 1600 and his strong will brought about conflict with Parliament leading to the Civil War and his execution in 1649. As a Catholic his wife upset the strong Puritan nobility. More about the causes of the civil war causes

The Royal website points out that

"Tensions between the King and Parliament centred around finances, made worse by the costs of war abroad, and by religious suspicions at home (Charles's marriage was seen as ominous, at a time when plots against Elizabeth I and the Gunpowder Plot in James I's reign were still fresh in the collective memory, and when the Protestant cause was going badly in the war in Europe)."



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