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The English Civil War 1642-49

This was between the supporters of Charles I and the Parliament, later led by Oliver Cromwell.

Although the armies were small in number, the continuing war affected everyone in the country and we tell the story from the point of view of Hinchingbrooke House, Huntingdon and the people connected with it.

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Sir Oliver Cromwell, owner of Hinchingbrooke and uncle of Oliver Cromwell who led the Parliament troops and became Lord Protector;

Edward Montagu, later owner of Hinchingbrooke who, despite fighting against the Royalists as a Colonel in Cromwell's army in the first Civil War, helped the restoration of Charles II to the throne;

Samuel Pepys who, as cousin of Edward Montagu, visited Hinchingbrooke, worked in London as a clerk for Montagu and commented on his Lord's progress after the return of Charles II.

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Use the information on this website to write extracts from a diary kept by Edward Montagu describing the events of the Civil War and how it affects him at Hinchingbrooke.

You might make the diary look like a genuine document from the 1640's

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