Admiral Victor Alexander Montagu CB was born 20.4.1841 and died 29.1.1915

He leaves a widow, Lady Agneta Montagu, Countess of Sandwich
Their children Hon Drogo Montagu, Lady Faith Montagu, Lady Mary Montagu, Lady Olga Montagu

5th Feb 1915
We regret to announce the death … of Rear Admiral the Hon Victor Alexander Montagu CB, brother and heir presumptive to the present Earl of Sandwich.
Born in 1841 … he was the second son of the Seventh Earl of Sandwich and Lady Margaret Paget.
Entering the navy in December 1853 he saw considerable service as a midshipman in the war with Russia, the China War and the Indian Mutiny.
He told how on the same day he was asked to dine with both Queen Victoria and the German Kaiser, some great distance apart. He solved the situation by first dining with the Queen at Osbourne, excusing himself, being driven in a fast cab to the Kaier’s launch and making a full costume change on the way.
The Admiral had three daughters and one son, Mr George Charles Montagu MP who now becomes the heir presumptive.

He was described by the Archbishop of York at the dedication of his memorial window in Brampton Church (April 20th 1917) as
"A gallant sailor and whole-hearted Englishman of another generation who gave to us ... an example of loyal and ungrudging service for his country."
"Victor Montagu won five medals for active and daring service before he had passed his 18th year. He entered the navy at the age of twelve years ... Already before he was 18 he had served his country in the most glorious of all services, The Navy, in the Baltic, at the sige of Sebastopol and in the Black Sea; he had been engaged in the dangerous war in China, he had been wrecked in his ship. and he had taken part in that brave and memorable expedition of the Naval Brigade which was sent to rescue our fellow countrymen in the great and terrible Indian Mutiny."
"He was a man of unfailing brightness and he had a spirit which shone even in the midst of clouds, and sometimes very dark clouds darkened his horizon."