The History of  
Hinchingbrooke House  

the Hart of Hinchingbrooke



oliver cromwell

edward montagu


fourth earl

5th-7th earls

Eighth Earl

ninth earl





John Montagu
Fifth Earl
George John Montagu Sixth Earl

John William Montagu Seventh Earl

c 1740 - 1814

1773 - 1818



The Fifth Earl married twice ...

- first in 1766 to Elizabeth, daughter of the Earl of Halifax, who bore John George Montagu (1767-1790), but she died in 1768;

- secondly in 1772 Mary, daughter of the Duke of Bolton, who bore George John Montagu, the future 6th Earl,(1773-1818).

Mary died in 1779, the 5th Earl in 1814 and his son only four years later, but ...

Louisa, the 6th Earl's wife, survived her husband George John by 44 years until her son John William the 7th Earl came of age in 1832.

The eastern range was severely damaged by a great fire on the 22 January 1830, but the pictures and furniture were nearly all saved. The fire started in the fireplace of "the great-bow room" (i.e. the bedroom formed in the end of the long gallery), whereupon the house was largely reconstructed under Edward Blore, the architect, and completed in 1832. The east and south fronts were now largely refaced, and the semi-circular bow-window of 1602 was taken down and rebuilt on the south front. A tower was built at the north-west corner, reducing the length of the hall, which was much altered.

Blore's drawings

The 7th Earl, in 1865 married Blanche Egerton (1832-94) and they bore two sons - the future 8th Earl of Sandwich - Edward George Henry Montagu (1839-1916), who did not marry, and Victor Alexander Montagu (1841-1915) who became an Admiral.

It is Admiral Victor's son George Charles who became the 9th Earl.


The 7th Earl, in 1864, built a billiard room in the inner court, and a belfry on the roof, etc., but these have since been pulled down.

He also formed a garden doorway on the south front, using some 13th century stones for the purpose.

In view of the approaching marriage of the Earl of Sandwich to Miss Blanche Egerton, his Lordship distributed a liberal supply of meat, bread, beer, tea, tobacco, and snuff, for Christmas merry-making, in the towns and villages around Huntingdon and Godmanchester, and a large number of invitations were issued to the tenants and others for a dinner at Huntingdon Corn Exchange on the Wednesday following Christmas Day, the day of the wedding.
23rd December 1865

We enter the Victorian period with the birth of Edward George Henry Montagu in 1839. In 1884 he became the Eighth Earl of Sandwich

Draw the family tree of the Montagus showing how the Earldom passed from the unmarried 8th Earl.

Note also how, although the Earldom traditionally passes only through the male line, Louisa - as mother to the young 7th Earl - effectively ran the estate after the death of her husband.

Do you think inheritance of a title should by-pass the female line?


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