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How We Did It

This web site is the product of E2BN - a project to install and use Broadband technology in schools.

Working with a consortium of schools - Hinchingbrooke, St Peters and our various feeder schools in and around Huntingdon - Graham Gossage, Phil Leverett and Duncan Grey acted as a steering group, and appointed a coordinator, Andy Blackwell, to encourage and guide the several schools.

The project launch was made by John Davitt with a wonderful mix of common sense and enthusiasm.

The History of Hinchingbrooke House seemed a natural choice for Hinchingbrooke School. The House is an important part of the school and learning about English history through it seems a very appropriate use of local resources.

A second and related focus was the English Civil War, which has many connections with Hinchingbrooke.

The final proposal integrated The House and the Civil War with five outcomes expected:

  1. A website to teach English history through Hinchingbrooke House
  2. A website to teach the English Civil War through Hinchingbrooke House
    Both of these websites to contain video clips
  3. A short film of Hinchingbrooke House for publicity to parents and history teaching of local studies
  4. A short film of the Civil War to be used in history teaching.
  5. The unedited footage to be used as a resource in A level media studies.

We are grateful to:

  • Historical Promos for providing re-enactors for our project.
  • The County Records Office staff in Huntingdon.
  • The BBC who gave us permission to use clips from their programme "The Portrait of Omai" which was filmed at Hinchingbrooke (using some actors from the school)
  • Diane Earl, Paul Springford and the staff of Psilogica for their help.

We are -

  • Duncan Grey (producer and director, web designer),
  • Giles Fullard (script writer, actor),
  • Doug Brechin (script writer and historical advisor),
  • John Cronin (curator and advisor),
  • Kevin Taylor (camera and editing)

    Also Lizzie Leach, Jenny O'Callaghan, Robert Simmons, Nick Boddington, Simon Priest, Ross Chisholm who assisted in various ways, especially filming.

Kevin filming at the gatehouse


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