The History of  
Hinchingbrooke House    

the Hart of Hinchingbrooke



oliver cromwell

edward montagu


fourth earl

5th-7th earls

Eighth Earl

ninth earl





Learning Objectives

The target year is year 8.
The national curriculum states:-
'Britain 1500-1750: a study of crowns, parliaments and people: the major political, religious and social changes affecting people throughout the British Isles, including the local area if appropriate'.

We examine:
• The Dissolution of the monasteries
• Religion throughout the period - changes and the impact of these changes on people's lives.
• The changing role of Hinchingbrooke as a house.
• The changing role of the aristocracy using pictures as sources

The learning objectives focus on:
• developing student understanding:
• causes of change and continuity over the period 1500-1750 and their impact
• historical interpretation of sources, including pictures



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