How to make a pop-up Window in Dreamweaver MX

1. Create a simple template - in this case it's just a plain window with a suitable background but it's sensible to keep pop-ups similar across the site.

2. Copy the template and save as "myfile1.html" in an appropriate directory.

3. Insert content and save again.

4. Open the file which you want the pop-up to be linked from - "masterfile.html" and insert a suitable graphic such as an arrow which will become the link to the pop-up. Save again.

5. Make sure the Behaviours window is open in Dreamweaver; select the arrow or other graphicand click the + sign. This will give a drop down menu of "events".

6. Select "Open Browser Window" and browse to find the file want to pop up. Choose an appropriate size (eg 500 by 300) and attributes (eg scrollbars and resize handles). Give the window a name (eg popup) and OK

7. In the Behaviours panel "onload" has been selected for you. If you want the window to pop up only when you click, select the small black triangle and choose "onClick". Save and test.