Converting from video to web clip

We used a Canon MV500i (with analogue input) and an Apple iBook laptop with iMovie software. If you have a digital capture card you won't need the camera.

1. Line up the computer, camera and video player. You may need a multi block for your 4 power leads. A Firewire cable links laptop to camera (DV port) and a SCART cable links camera (AV port) to TV/Video. We used a switchable SCART block to the TV output socket.

2. Follow your camera's instructions -

3. Power up the equipment and launch iMovie. Your TV/Video output should appear on the laptop screen in the iMovie window as well as in the viewing screen of the camera.

4. Use a combination of the VCR controls and iMovie's Import button to grab clips. We advise becoming familiar with the video content and using the Import button generously. It's easy to delete sections of clips later and it's easy to crash iMovie if you stop and rewind the VCR too often.

5. Use the iMac Help menu to become familiar with the controls. Finally export the movie to Quicktime using standard setting unless you know better.