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Learning Materials

Learning Materials

The Three Main Uses of Hinchingbrooke

The plans of the nunnery, the house and the school.

Study the House plans. Then try to explain how the house has changed over the last 500 years.
Look at the following aspects:

1. The use of the rooms.
2. The overall shape of the house. Has that changed?

Evidence that Hinchingbrooke was once a nunnery.

  • Look around the house and note down as many features as possible that tell you that Hinchingbrooke was once a nunnery (here's one!)
  • Use the plans to help you as well.
  • Why do you think these features are still present in the building?
  • What does this tell you about the way Hinchingbrooke has been altered by its owners?

Evidence that Hinchingbrooke was once a country house.

Now look at the house for evidence that this was once the house of the rich landed aristocracy.

  • Look out for the portraits.
  • Look at the interior decorations in the rooms downstairs.
  • Look at the pictures and photographs in the Entrance Hall.

Evidence that Hinchingbrooke is now a school.

  • Look for evidence that tells you Hinchingbrooke is now a large secondary school.(here's one!)
  • Think about whether the new use for the house has altered it greatly. Has the County Council changed the house completely?

Now draw all your information together to answer the main question.


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