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Learning Materials 

A Medieval Mystery!

Year 7 History

Take your class to visit the House to see the nuns' skeletons next to the library.

1. Some preparation will be needed before this visit. Use the OHP to show your class the plans of the nunnery and the House as a country house. Point out to the pupils where they are going in the House. At this stage do not say what they will see and keep it a mystery!

2. Timing: This visit is best done just before the trip to Castle Acre. It will help develop their observational skills.


1. Take them to the area outside the library. Open to the white door to the right of the door. Lift the wooden doors and turn on the light switch on the right.
a) Who were these people?
b) Why are they buried here?

2. Clues:
a) Look at the picture on the wall outside the room.
b) The Chapter House Arch.
c) The window in room 51 which can be seen from the foot of the wooden stairs. (Do not let children use these stairs as they date from 1830). Use the main student staircase if necessary. You could also show them the window in the Montagu Room if there is time and the room is free.
d) The Inner Hall. What is unusual about this room and the corridors around it?
e) Tell them the ghost story about the cold spot on the stairs.

3. Show them:
a) A plan of the nunnery.
b) A modern plan of the House/school.
They can plot where the bodies are located.
c) Show them a source on the closure of the nunnery.
d) Use the guidebook section on the staircase area.

4. Back in the classroom pupils should write up their answers to the initial questions using the evidence they have gathered.


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