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Learning Materials 

The Montagu Portraits at Hinchingbrooke House

The Inner Hall.

Look at the painting of John William Montagu, the 7th Earl of Sandwich.

Make notes on the inscription:
1. Who paid for the painting?
2. Why was it painted?
3. Where is he standing?
4. What do is clothes tell you about him?
5. What general impression of him is given by the painting?

The Assembly Room. (here)

Look at the two paintings of George Montagu, the 9th Earl.
Compare it with John Montagu's portrait.
1. In what way are their clothes different?
2. Does he seem more or less important? Explain.
3. What impression of the 9th Earl do these portraits give?
4. The two men lived in different centuries. Do the portraits show a change in the attitudes of the upper classes? Explain your answer.

The Entrance Hall.

Edward Montagu (1625-1672), 1st Earl of Sandwich

on display at the National Gallery, London

1. Edward Montagu, 3rd Earl of Sandwich. 1670-1729. In coronation robes, 1688.

2. John Montagu, 4th Earl. 1718- 1792. First Lord of the Admiralty. Inventor of the sandwich. He also sponsored the voyages of Captain James Cook. Portrait above displayed at National Gallerry, London.

3. John Montagu, 5th Earl. 1743- 1814. In coronation robes, 1792.

4. Victor Montagu, born 1906.
He would have been the 10th Earl but renounced his title in 1964 to continue with his political career. He sold Hinchingbrooke to the County Council in 1962.

The Inner Hall.

1. John William Montagu. 7th Earl. 1811-1884.

This portrait from National Gallery, London

2. Oliver Cromwell. Lord Protector, 1653-58. 19th century copy of a portrait by Walker (above), now at Burleigh House near Stamford.

3. Admiral, Sir William Montagu. Illegitimate son of the 5th Earl. He rose to fame during the Napoleonic Wars.

4. The Dean of Durham. Son of the 1st Earl.

5. Unknown.

The Assembly Room. (here)

1. Oliver Montagu, 1900?

2. George, 9th Earl, 1874-1962.

3. George, 9th Earl.

4. Elizabeth, Viscountess of Sandwich. Wife of the 3rd Earl. Died 1757.

5. Edward, 8th Earl. 1839-1916. In his coronation robes.

6. Blanch, 2nd wife of the 7th Earl.

7. Edward, 8th Earl.


1. What can you learn about the owners of Hinchingbrooke House from the portraits you have seen?

2. Think about the images each portrait presents of the owner, their clothes, and how they are seated or posed.


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